1968-2018: 50th Jubilee

As we are about to start a brand new season, let’s take a moment to look back at a wonderful 50th Jubilee year.

You can download the EFC Annual Report 2018 as a PDF here.

EFC celebrating 50 years
Celebrating 50 years, 1968-2018, Eastbourne F.C
Every team enjoyed a chocolate cake to celebrate the golden jubilee, EFC’s 50th birthday (1968-2018), but perhaps none enjoyed it as much as the First Kicks team

Eastbourne’s Jubilee featured in an article on Stuff and even a short video clip of the Masters Gs (Over 42s) jubilee game can be seen on TVNZ’s One News

The video doesn’t show the highlight so much as the high jinks of the Gs, here is Deano taking on Brooklyn.