Fun Football Development Sessions

The football kids having fun and developing skills. Enjoy the Process, James Prosser.

Just a reminder that we will be having our 2nd Spring/Summer Fun Football Development session this WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25TH from 4 till 5pm at Bishop Park! 

Be sure to wear appropriate football clothing and comfortable boots/shoes on the day, weather according 

 Remember to bring a water bottle as well, as we the hope the weather will be heating up soon! 

The sessions will go through the end of the school year and we will look to have our final practice on December 18th.We have a great, familiar group that I am excited to continue working with on the development of their games! Let me know if you have any questions and I look fwd to seeing everyone on Wednesday! 


*also, we will be hosting a schools holiday program the 2nd week of the upcoming term break. The camp will run Monday, October 7th till Thursday, October 10th, 9am to 12.30pm. Let me know if you’d like further details on this*


James Prosser “Enjoy the Process”