Coaching & Referring

Football in NZ wouldn’t happen without scores of volunteers’ selfless support of their kids’ love of sport. One of the things that makes Eastbourne special is how our sense of community comes together around the ESSC.

So, it’s that time of the year again when parents and caregivers weigh up the benefits of a Saturday morning lay-in versus taking pride in seeing their kids develop and have fun. But some times Mums & Dads also need inspiration and support too to step- up to take on the challenges of managing, coaching and even reffing for our teams.

One of our region’s most successful coach’s Declan Edge (
Olé Football Academy, Porirua ) is giving a workshop on Sunday 8 March at 9:30am, it will be open for coaches and teachers across all codes, levels, ages and abilities. Attendees will learn concepts from the workshop that can be easily implemented into their own football and/or learning environments. More info here:

Closer to home, Capital Football are also supporting coaching / reffing with an update on the new FIFA rules that apply this year: Changes to the Laws of the Game for 2020 on Monday 2 March at 7pm in Waikanae:
For More info: 

More information on this year’s Referee Courses will be available soon.