In memoriam: two legends…

It is with great sadness that we are to acknowledge the recent passing of two of our Life Members: Ron Weatherhead & Bill Tait, both legends of Eastbourne Football Club. We wish to pass on our condolences to both of their families.

Bill Pllu has advised me that Ron Weatherhead, one of our Life Members and founding members of our Club has passed away (at the ripe old age of 92). Ron died a couple of last week. Ron was one of the three founding members who the ‘WWW’ cup was named after.  

Ron Weatherhead at 50th Anniversary cutting the cake
Ron Weatherhead cutting the club’s 50th Anniversary cake

Ron lived with his wife, Ena, in Days Bay. I remember Ron and Ena pitching up to our 50th Anniversary a couple of years ago and Ron cutting the 50th anniversary cake. Ron’s daughter, Liz Pllu, and his son, Nick Weatherhead (who also played for the club and were exceptional players) were also at the 50th Anniversary in 2018.

Ena & Ron Weatherhead
Ena & Ron Weatherhead

It is the aim of the club to erect a small trophy cabinet in the ESSC club rooms to treasure and display our WWW Cup and recently awarded cups to show our appreciation for the achievements of our players both old and new.

Mike Andrews
EFC Chair

Coaching & Referring

Football in NZ wouldn’t happen without scores of volunteers’ selfless support of their kids’ love of sport. One of the things that makes Eastbourne special is how our sense of community comes together around the ESSC.

So, it’s that time of the year again when parents and caregivers weigh up the benefits of a Saturday morning lay-in versus taking pride in seeing their kids develop and have fun. But some times Mums & Dads also need inspiration and support too to step- up to take on the challenges of managing, coaching and even reffing for our teams.

One of our region’s most successful coach’s Declan Edge (
Olé Football Academy, Porirua ) is giving a workshop on Sunday 8 March at 9:30am, it will be open for coaches and teachers across all codes, levels, ages and abilities. Attendees will learn concepts from the workshop that can be easily implemented into their own football and/or learning environments. More info here:

Closer to home, Capital Football are also supporting coaching / reffing with an update on the new FIFA rules that apply this year: Changes to the Laws of the Game for 2020 on Monday 2 March at 7pm in Waikanae:
For More info: 

More information on this year’s Referee Courses will be available soon.

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Fun Football Development Sessions

The football kids having fun and developing skills. Enjoy the Process, James Prosser.

Just a reminder that we will be having our 2nd Spring/Summer Fun Football Development session this WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25TH from 4 till 5pm at Bishop Park! 

Be sure to wear appropriate football clothing and comfortable boots/shoes on the day, weather according 

 Remember to bring a water bottle as well, as we the hope the weather will be heating up soon! 

The sessions will go through the end of the school year and we will look to have our final practice on December 18th.We have a great, familiar group that I am excited to continue working with on the development of their games! Let me know if you have any questions and I look fwd to seeing everyone on Wednesday! 


*also, we will be hosting a schools holiday program the 2nd week of the upcoming term break. The camp will run Monday, October 7th till Thursday, October 10th, 9am to 12.30pm. Let me know if you’d like further details on this*


James Prosser “Enjoy the Process”

Junior Prize Giving 2019

EFC Logo
Eastbourne Football Club logo

3pm, Sunday 8th September, Muritai School Hall.

Please arrive 2:50pm for 3pm start. Please remember to return your team shirts (cleaned) to your coach at the Prize Giving.

Afterwards you are all welcome to join us for a sausage sizzle at the ESSC club house.